Stop Deaf Child Sexual Abuse


By Emilio Ferreiro - 10 December 2019

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First report

In 2009, with a special independent inquiry set up by the Irish government to investigate cases of alleged physical and sexual abuse that took place in Irish schools run by the Catholic Church. In 2015, a documentary revealing the experiences of boys was ired by RTE (Radio-Television of Ireland)


St Joseph’s School for Deaf Boys (Cabra, Dublin).

Number of victims

23 deaf children.

Term of abuses

About 40 years (between the 1950s and early 1990s).


Christian Brothers and lay staff.

St Joseph’s School for Deaf Boys
St Joseph’s School for Deaf Boys (demolished in 2011)

Current Situation

The Commission of Inquiry by the Irish Government found that physical and emotional abuse made the school “a very frightening place”, and “said sexual activity was ignored or tolerated for some considerable time” until the Health Board eventually intervened.

The school was demolished in 2011.


Extract of the RTÉ documentary (optional English subtitles)