Stop Deaf Child Sexual Abuse


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This website is a very special production of Unusualverse.

Unusualverse is an independent web initiative based on the concept of Deaf Gain, so this website only publishes articles with a positive view of the abilites of Deaf people and the benefits of Sign Language. But it is necessary to make a parenthesis to remember that in many places of the world the Deaf people cannot realize all their potential by other people's causes.

Stop Deaf Child Sexual Abuse is focused on Catholic schools, as there are many cases around the world and really frightening. Out of the comfort of your sofa, sexual abuse of Deaf children continues and there are many adult Deaf people with trauma. Many Deaf people think they can't report the abuse because it's been a long time or they are embarrassed to talk about it.

For the dignity of these Deaf children and adults, is this website.


Many thanks for the presentation in International Sign to

  • Anastasia Lekontseva (Italy)
  • Ayla Wellington (United Kingdom)
  • Conor Dunne (Ireland)
  • Ixone Saenz (Spain)
  • Mariona Boronat (Catalonia)
  • Marta Muñoz (Spain)
  • Splinter Van Schagen (Netherlands)

Special thanks for organizing the International Sign videos and the cover ilustration to:

  • Alicia Sort (Catalonia)